Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Need Money or a Buyer Quick?

I am excited as I work hard to think "out of the box" for my clients and start being more creative with GETTING A BUYER for my sellers.  Afterall, that is what I work hard to do every day...GET THE BUYER for a property owner that needs one.

I have started working with a couple investors willing to buy properties in almost any condition for a fair value and within 10 days.  We can help you get rid of your property really fast and for a good price.

It really is a different mindset.  It's simple and right to the point everyday.  There is no TRYING or HELPING.  There is now GETTING a buyer for my property owner.  Sifting through the database, calling, talking, networking and of course marketing to get on every lead possible real fast.

We can get started right away at, and for fastest service feel free to call or text me at (860) 558-2122 and let's set up an appointment to talk about your needs, talk about solutions and how I can really help you.

It's not about the 45 websites I will post your home on, the signage, it's not about the open houses and the 25 pictures I will take.  Those are all great marketing tasks that we definitely do BUT it's really about GETTING YOU THE BUYER at the right time for you and at the highest price possible.

Don't stress about knowing what decision to take...whether it's refinance, short sale, loan modification, or deed in lieu of foreclosure...I can help you so that you don't have to worry.

I'm happy and feel like I'm on a focused vision for every property owner wanting a buyer in CT.  Visit to learn more about me and my team available to start working hard for you now.

Courtesy of Rob Rosa, Rubicon Crossings Realty

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