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Good article, goes to show things dont give you real happiness. How To Be Happy Anywhere -
Behind on your mortgage? Call Brenda
Manchester Ct Business | Directory | Discounts | Jobs | Barter
That's right! I Like How It Feels by Enrique Iglesias Feat. Pitbull & The WAV.S.
Im not a huge sci-fi fan but this is kind of cool
Manchester public schools have early dismissal
East Hartford public schools have early dismissal
Rocky Hill public schools have early dismissal
I can run all day eating oreos and drinking water, no lie. LOL :-) Workouts Are the VERY Best Time for a Snack -
I give these soldiers alot of respect for the personal sacrifices they make. How Act of Valor's Directors Filmed With Real Special Operations Forces -
The Secret To Mastering Awkward Situations -
Can't Get Enough by J Cole Feat. Trey Songz.
If I traded it all...One Thing by Finger Eleven.
Im thinking about going to celebrate National Pancake day! I could go for some blueberry pancakes right now! MMMmmmm! :)
Do you know how many homes sold in your town in Jan? Check it out
List home w me, lets talk about the Home Warranty Program I offer to sell your home faster & for more $$$$, thats why Im a better agent
Get the 4 best energy tips for saving money on heating your home
23 Federal Laws that Apply to Real Estate Sales
Turn Me Loose by Loverboy.
Mommy's all right, daddy's all right...Surrender by Cheap Trick.
Stop by this morning for a good breakfast for a great cause.
Karaoke w my baby girl!
Boys almost won. Lost by 1 point. Great game!
I have the technology to list your home on the MLS and 45 other websites. Get a weekly status report too!
Let connect for business
Great blog about real estate and growing your own business!
Find your dream home ONLINE.
Pacers! :)
Come on take the money and run!
2 update baths and hard wood floors through out.
3 bedrooms with Italian Tile in Kitchen.
Huge 2 family on a cul de sac.
Want to do something big in real estate? Over 30 acres and sewers are installed!
Heyyyyyyy, Ho!! That's Amore by Patrizio Buanne.
Many real estate buyers are in MULTI-OFFER scenarios - allowing the sellers to leave unwanted items in the garage might work
Slept a little extra today and feeling good! Time to hit the outdoors with the kids! :)
this is actually the link to see them climbing the antennae tower
This video of someone climbing over 1600 ft actually made my hands sweat! Crazy, I dont know how they do it?
Want to have an Open House on your home this next Sunday? Call me to list it ASAP
Ive got the magic! :) Magic by B.o.B Feat. Rivers Cuomo.
Are you posting jobs? Here's a site we use to get prospects & its great for business referrals
It feels good to me. :) Rock Bottom Blues by Kid Rock.
That's what's up. Boom by Snoop Dogg Feat. T-Pain.
Awww yeah! :) Too Close by Next.
Bonnie & Clyde by Jay-Z Feat. Beyoncé.
Good Morning, today I'm going to wait patiently for more blessings. Each one is very appreciated.
Nina just got voted off survivor, too much complaining.
Is anyone watching the cnndebate?
Jaja got some crablegs, fish, and stuffed clams to celebrate Ash Wed! Just fin eating now time to watch Survivor!
Watching Survivor. The women don't seem too happy...
Jaja got some crablegs, fish, and stuffed clams to celebrate Ash Wednesday! MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Showing homes and loving great weather. Enjoy!
Thinking about doing backyard composting? Get this free report
Get a list of fixer-uppers on the market in CT
I partner with real estate agents who care, are optimistic, honest & want to grow. Then I pay them the highest commission splits in area.
I help people improve their lifestyle for themselves and their family, think bigger, stop living in a home you don't feel is for you.
You Rock My World by Michael Jackson.
What does this mean for the housing market? Poised for a rebound? U.S. Stores Boost Home Depot -
Jennifer Rogers just reviewed me on Zillow -
Still waters run deep.
Go Julia!
New WTC in NYC
Broadway and Liberty
Housing affordability reaches new records in these 5 cities
Do you know the 4 things locksmiths don't want you to know?
Multifamily Housing Demand is Increasing, Get a report of bargains in Central CT
When all hope is gone, I know that you can carry on... Great song! Never Gonna Be Alone by Nickelback.
Good Morning All, have a great day! I'm only getting started! :) Blackout by Breathe Carolina.
Dedicated to Jaja. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.
Home repairs: Which jobs come first? -
Has anyone seen this happen in CT? I havent...yet. Banks paying delinquent borrowers to sell their homes -
Wash on, wash off! Go Karate Kid! :) You're The Best by Joe Esposito.
Uh Ohhhh, is this for real.....interesting info. Home Owners More Attractive Than Renters, Singles say
Song played at end of Safehouse. Cool movie with Denzel. No Church In The Wild by KanYe West & Jay Z Feat. Frank Ocean.
Kids are introducing me to some new music this morning on way to school. Not bad. :)
I have a list of 62 Rent To Own homes in central CT. If you want a FREE list of them contact me on this link today.
She's playing hard...Rocky Hill girls vs Cheshire!
Ron Chernow: The Leadership Secrets of George Washington -
Priced to Sell with Finished Basement
Time old school dancing! :)
Brass fixtures in home?
Time to go for a run in the flurries! :)
Top 11 Mobile Apps being used for business and personal
Just watched the movie Air Force One with the family. It's been a long while since I've seen it. What a good one that is!
See a graphic of over 27 places your home will be listed on, in addition to the CT MLS
Trying to Go Without Paper
What are your top 3 goals for 2012?
Cool 80s song I almost forgot about...Life In A Northern Town by The Dream Academy.
Congrats Julia!
She's excited to get a caricature done of her.
CT Arts Awards program
Such an honor for her.
Wine & cheese tasting during our lay over.
CT leads U.S. high-tech, but nation losing ground. We need to focus on science to create hope for the future & our children.
Getting ready to ride the Gator Chaser!
Beautiful waves!
I'm listening to The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream (Unabridged) on Audible for Android. Get the app free: @audible_com
"Palidan: "Extend to each person, no matter how trivia the contact, all the care, kindness, and understanding you can muster." Og Mandino" --
Learn the 3 tips to stop you from losing when buying a home
Yes sir!
Be careful to make sure your home is insured for at least "actual replacement value"
South Beach...Miami, ami! :)
On way down to Miami along 1A1

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