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Housing...Leading the Way!

How Housing Is Leading Us Out of the Great Recession by  THE KCM CREW  on  APRIL 30, 2013  ·  0 COMMENTS We are often asked if the housing market can truly rebound if the all-round economy remains sluggish. We answer by explaining the housing market is not dependent on the economy but rather the economy is reliant on the housing market. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at , addressed this issue in a recent  report .   “Historically, housing has always led the U.S. out of recessions. It is the most interest rate-sensitive part of the economy, and as rates fall during recessions, housing rises first .” How does real estate impact the economy? Real estate impacts the economy in several ways. As Zandi explains: “Housing’s resurrection is crucial to the creation of more jobs. Every new single-family home creates and sustains almost five jobs for about a year. These include not only construction jobs, but manufacturing positions for producing lumber, paint, nails,

Mastering Real Estate Principles...

Mastering Real Estate Principles,   6th Edition by Gerald R. Cortesi It's available now at This new edition features review exercises and more than 500 review questions with rationales, allowing students to test their knowledge, monitor their progress, and identify problem areas. The multiple learning tools and turn-key Instructor Resources significantly help reduce instructor workload, and students will benefit from an outline format that makes it easy to master the basics needed to pass the real estate licensing exam. To view the contents of this new edition and review the first chapter, click on the Peek Inside. Features: • More than 500 review questions with rationales that allow students to test their knowledge, monitor their progress, and identify problem areas • Two comprehensive examinations with study tips • Chapter Notes that provide additional information to enhance student understanding of topics • Instructor Resources wit

Spring is here...make daily watering chores easier

Spring is here and this is an excellent product for your home! An attractive solution for watering your houseplants! These easy-to-use mini watering stained glass globes deliver water to your plants as they need it. A great alternative to the daily chore of watering plants and an excellent choice for making sure your plants get water while you're away on vacation. Just fill each globe with water and insert one each into the soil of your potted plants. Mini globes can provide water to your plant for up to two weeks. For indoor and outdoor potted plants. Assorted vibrant colors. Dimensions: 7.75" (per bulb). QUANTITIES LIMITED! Click Here:   Buy 3 Watering Bulbs Now - Only $7.29 Check out today's "Deal of the Day" at TripleClicks.  You save 43% off the regular price on 3 Pack Mini Watering Globes.  Today only! Click Here:   Buy 3 Watering Bulbs Now - Only $7.29

How to Use Light to Increase a Home’s Value

Use natural light as much as possible, focus on the positive attributes of the home and make sure all fixtures are working...see more here:   How to Use Light to Increase a Home’s Value

I've posted a new listing! Ranch!

New ranch on the market in E Hartford, newer kitchen, open kitchen to living room, huge finished basement and nice level yard! I've posted a new listing!

5 Ways Sellers Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

Home sellers and their real estate professionals have an important role in preparing for a home inspection to help ensure it goes smoothly.   Visit:   5 Ways Sellers Can Prepare for a Home Inspection

Lost Opportunities

I met with a seller today who was asking me about painting, landscaping, refinishing floors and more small improvements.  They wanted to know if they did all those things how much more could they sell the home for. I explained these are things that might not significantly increase the overall sales price of the home BUT if they are less than average will cost them buyers willing to make an offer.  Once a buyer gets a perception that the home is not up to par it might just totally turn them off. So, even if you don't get a dollar of return for your dollar spent on home improvements (which in most cases you will not), you may very well get some of your "return" in other ways, like more interest from buyers, and a faster sale. The bottom line is that you need to evaluate the return on your investment in home improvements from a buyer's perspective, and consider the value of each investment in terms of its overall impact on the value of your home. Mu

Connecticut Homes for Sale - get your custom list!

Search the CT Multiple Listing Service like an agent!  Get all the listings available for free today!  Make your own customized list! Click Here:   Connecticut Homes for Sale

I've posted a new apartment listing in Cromwell

I will have an Open House this evening if you would like to attend.  Stop by this evening at 7:15pm. Please tell a friend or family you think might be interested.  Great apartment and ready for May 1st! I've posted a new listing!

3 Reasons to Sell Your House Today! (Part I)

If you are thinking about selling your home, don’t miss out on the strong demand that exists in the current spring market. 3 Reasons to Sell Your House Today! (Part I)

Real Estate Deal of the Day

Get the DEAL of the DAY! The Big Book of Real Estate Ads is a comprehensive guide designed to assist real estate professionals in creating dynamic classified advertising copy. The new, third edition of The Big Book of Real Estate Ads now includes information and materials geared towards Internet and multi-media advertising, as well as updated Fair Housing information, newly revised subject category listings, a fresh, contemporary interior and exterior design, and an enhanced software component allowing the user to customize and revise ads featured in the book. CLICK ON - Buy at Rubicon DEAL OF THE DAY

Interactive Home Plan Library

Interactive Home Plan Library...Searching for the perfect home? This interactive home plan library CD has over 500 plans for you to browse through. By utilizing specific search criteria, such as home style, size, garage type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and kitchen preferences, the perfect home is right at your fingertips.  Visit

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