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Feb 2022 Valentine's Day with You

Feb. 2022 - Quiz Question for the drawing! Q. What popular Valentine's Day candy was unavailable in 2019?  A. Sweethearts  B. Candy Kisses  C. Pink & Red M&Ms  D. Red Hots  Simply enter your answer at to be entered into the drawing!  Have fun! Rob Rosa and his team are available to help home sellers, real estate buyers, new students and investors. We currently focus on CT and are dedicated to providing others the opportunity to increase their lifestyle with real estate solutions.  Call 860-558-2122 or email us at  

How to Spot Termites

  How to Spot Termite Damage Termites look like ants with white wings that eat wood and can cause considerable damage to your home. These are some signs that you might have an infestation: You can hear them in your walls.  Faint movement and tapping could be termites. Look for tiny holes in your sheetrock, plaster, wallpaper and moldings. Dirt channels or ripples that go up the length of your drywall is likely termite activity. Tapping and prodding on the wood around your home may reveal termite activity or damage if the sound is hollow.  You see their droppings.  Termites keep their homes clean, so they tend to deposit their offal outside of your walls. There are dark or soft spots in your wood.  Easily scratched wood may be infested.  Wood floors will droop, buckle, or sag if termite-damaged. Sawdust may be present. You’ll also see discolored or blistered wood from termite tunneling damage. You find mud tunnels, tubes, or mud piles . These will appear near your foundation. Unfortunat


Feeling very grateful to have people (clients) that appreciate the effort I give daily to help others as much as possible. This was a tough transaction with others lying to us, making promises they knew they couldn't keep, but we eventually saw through the other party and arrived at the closing table with a different buyer. #ROSA #caringagent #realestate

Working from home?

How many of you are working at home all day, like me?  Can't wait to go show some homes tomorrow! 🙂  #realestate #caring #Realtor #ROSA

Active Contingent?

This means the seller of the home has received an offer from a potential buyer. However, there are certain contingencies that need to be met before the sale can be finalized. A purchase contract may include contingencies — such as a buyer’s contingency for a property inspection and negotiating any necessary repairs with the seller before closing. If any of these contingencies are not met, the contract will be null and void, and there may or may not be penalties assessed. Most of the time, the contingencies within a contract can be worked through without any issues. But there are times when a buyer will back out of a deal because an agreement cannot be reached. Once all of the contingencies have been removed and the active contingent stage is completed, the property will show a “ pending ” status. If a buyer is interested in an “active contingent” home, continue to check back often to see if the status has changed. If you see that the “active contingent” status falls off and the home is

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Rob Rosa, Berkshire Hathaway NE Prop.
My focus is helping people increase their lifestyle. I love my huge family and work tiredlessly to help them and my clients everyday. I have been working in real estate since 2000. I have been awarded numerous Top Agent awards and am currently ranked in the Top 1% of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices global network, over 52,000 agents. I am also the Founder and Instructor of Rubicon Crossings School of Real Estate: offering state of CT approved pre-licensing class, get info at My extensive experience is: top producing sales and marketing executive focused on quality service and relationship building. Have over 30 year’s experience helping people in busines, including with two Fortune 100 companies; UPS, UHG and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices: project management, mortgage lending, residential, commercial and franchise sales, property management and real estate education leader. I live in East Hartford and work all over central CT. My office address is 196 Berlin Turnpike #5, Berlin, CT 06037 and I have been involved in many events in Rocky Hill and Glastonbury. I look forward to helping you every way I can.


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