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30-year mortgage rate a new low 3.75 percent | Hartford Business
On July 1, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will tighten its credit standards for potential borrowers seeking an FHA insured home loan. Outstanding collection debts totaling $1,000 or greater must be paid or resolved. There are exceptions to the rule, such as debt disputed due to credit card or identify theft.
I'm thinking it's going to be a great day! :-)
Smalley Academy closed early due to power issues. Those kids are happy! :)
Thinking about signing up kids for Nutmeg State games!
Now it's hailing!
Those were the most incredibly dark clouds that just went over E Hartford.
I'm interested in taking a multi-millionaire to lunch. Let me know if you're available.
Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to those & their families who paid a price for our freedom. It's not forgotten.
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same".
Phillip Phillips is the winner of idol.
Aerosmithonidol...still such a cool band!
Time for a quick run! :)
Good Morning! The sun is out & it's going to be a beautiful day. Enjoy! :)
Working on status updates for 4 of my short sale sellers.
$600 million for a bus way taking private land, spanning only about 4 towns & creating almost no new permanent jobs. Thx for taking my tax $
It's going to be an amazing day! The garden is loving this rain too! Enjoy!
Feels nice running on trails this morning. The fact that I got engaged to Jaja last night I'm sure is the main reason I'm feeling great! :)
Facebook trades, 82 million shares in first 30 seconds, impressive!
First Facebook trade is at $43!
Stock quoting for Facebook is almost ready to begin! at $38 right now.
6 Most Popular Projects Home Owners Target With Remodeling
Walking by gorgeous buildings in Washington on way to Realtors conference.
We are in Washington DC for the mid-year National Association of Realtors conference! Need to keep learning. :)
Growing, helping more people, opening my mind to greater possibilities...12% through The Master Key System *Complete with Haanel's Question and Answers After Each Chapter. by Haanel, Charles F. on Kindle for Android!
We are working on our garden for a couple of hours this morning before we turn on the wealth building real estate biz! :) Enjoy your day!
Kim won Survivor. She really did play the game best this season.
I Got The Feelin** by James Brown.
Getting ready for the Rubicon Dream Team Agents & Students Appreciation Party tonight!
The day is almost fully booked with client appointments & we are loving it! :)
Good Morning...moving forward w joy & purpose today! I wish you the same.
It has been a great day. No bills in the mail! :-)
Already showed 6 homes this morning & things are looking good! 3 more appointments to go! :-)
Gorgeous day! I hope you are enjoying it! :)
I just used Shazam to discover Back In Time by Pitbull.
Mayweather wins in 12 rounds!
Last round, very close w slight edge to Mayweather.
Cotto dominates round 8
Round 3, 1 min left about even punches.
I'll Have Another wins the Kentucky Derby! Good race! I like the name of the winner too. :)
My little babies! :)
First time I heard this. Kids know it by heart. LOL. Brokenhearted by Karmin.
Robert & I are cheering for Creative Cause, Dom is picking Done Talking for the Kentucky Derby today. Who are you cheering for?
What a gorgeous evening! I hope you enjoy too
Improving and maintaining your credit score should be one of your high priorities.
It stopped raining! Time for a long run! :)
Manchester Ct Business | Directory | Discounts | Jobs | Barter
5 DIY Projects to Increase Sales Value by More Than $10,000
PersonofInterest is starting, cool show!
Lot for sale on Finley Hill Rd, Marlborough, CT....get building! :)
Rocky Hill boys 5-6th graders winning 2-0 vs Berlin!
Want a list of multi family homes in central CT w positive cash flow?
Join our free business directory
9 Ways to Hurt your Credit Score
While I'm on eliptical I'm thinking about the term normal business hours. My client was told by a real estate agent she's only avail normal business hours, 9-5. LOL, we are available for our clients when you need us. I'll work for you. Breakdowns don't usually occur during normal business hours.
This is cool, get pure drinking water from the air.
REOs Get Pricier, Report Shows

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