Monday, November 3, 2014

Add Some Harvest Decor to Your Staging

Add Some Harvest Decor to Your Staging

Add Some Harvest Decor to Your Staging

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Homes are beautiful and easier to sell when staged for the holidays!
Fall is in the air…
Just because your home owners have their home listed for-sale, doesn’t mean they have to strip their home of all fall seasonal décor. In fact, adding a little seasonal décor may help the home feel more welcoming, even complete with the warm vanilla and apple smells of the season too.
Pops of orange, butterscotch, gold, copper, and reds may be just the added richness your listing’s décor needs to spice it up, and it’ll be perfectly in season too.
Here are some tasteful fall décor ideas, with inspiring photos from Houzz.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Set the dining room table and show it off as the perfect place for a holiday feast.

Create an autumn-inspired welcoming doorstep, such as with wreaths, planters, or harvest-hued throw pillows for the furnishings.

Add some of those fall-inspired accessories and colors to the interior. But less can be more — don’t go overboard!

Carve out some special touches for even the least expected places, like the mailbox. 

Make the home warm and cozy, while bringing in the richness of autumn-inspired hues.

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