Thursday, March 30, 2017

Award? Satisfaction in Real Estate? Really?

Are you ready for the flurries?!  I am not talking about the weather and the dusting of snow the news is predicting for Friday here in CT.  I am talking about the "flurry" of pics and boasting you will see today, this week and next on social media.  You see, most real estate companies just had or will have their real estate award ceremonies for performance in 2016.

This past Sunday I begin planning for this week’s activities and many mixed feelings surfaced and have begun to grow stronger for me as I prepare to attend our company's award ceremony this afternoon.  My first feelings were what I believe is a healthy sense of pride.  My team and I have done it again!  But then I was thinking…well so what?!  Do people really care?  What difference does it make?  Yes, I understand to be statistically ranked as the Top 4% out of about 40,000 agents nationwide and then publicly recognized is very nice (and I am very grateful for all the support Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties has given me) BUT that's not really why I work every day.  Getting another plaque doesn't truly give me any satisfaction.  That's not why I am out talking to people about real estate until 9pm many evenings, that's not why I work on the weekends and sacrifice time with my family and friends who I love to death.  So what's the point?  I kept thinking why I am going through these motions every day? 

 After much thought (some of it very emotional) and even telling myself don't even bother going to the awards ceremony, I had a few moments of intense clarity…thank God!  I started thinking about memories in my past real estate transactions and saw some posts on Facebook and other social media.  I saw a few pics of a family having a birthday party for their 11 year-old daughter in the home I sold them, in Glastonbury, 3 years ago and how happy they look.  I saw a pic of a past seller, from Rocky Hill, bragging about walking along the beach in South Carolina while we are freezing here in CT.  I received a message about how a past client was referring me to his brother, in Rocky Hill, to sell his home because he wants to buy a smaller one to save more money for an earlier retirement.  I saw a pic of a newborn baby, their proud parents and the nursery they are setting up for her in a home, in Manchester, I sold them.  I saw a post of a car salesman who opened his own business at a building, in East Hartford, I helped him buy and his client is thrilled.  Those posts made me smile AND I opened my eyes!  I felt a sudden twinge of fulfillment and gratification.  I felt happy!

That's what THIS is all about for me…it's about the memories I help to make for my clients!  It is "that thing" which gives me satisfaction.  It is what makes me smile when I am having a tough day.  I realized I am truly helping others to get to where their "happy place" is.  I am happy seeing the results after helping others in real estate.  It’s not business to me, it’s personal.  My life, my work, my career satisfaction is personal to me.

I have decided I will embrace that eventful moment of celebration today - that quick second of when the picture will be taken and I will try my best not to feel guilty about it.  I will tell my team that I am proud of how they work well together because I really am.  I am a business leader and need to counsel, motivate and inspire my team.  I need to support my family (along with my hard-working wife) of 6 kids.  AND NOW, thank God, I know where my motivation to work in real estate comes from.

So when you see the "flurry" of pictures and the typical real estate agent's boasts about BLAH, BLAH, BLAH being posted all over know that I am truly appreciative of you (my clients and team members).  You gave me the gracious opportunity to sincerely help you so that I may have the satisfaction of helping another human being.  That we connected is what I am most thankful for.

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