Monday, May 22, 2017

Grace and Caring Wins!

I have read a few posts today about Mondays and how hard they can be. I was starting to go there myself (just a little) when I read this email about a buyer that I had a closing with last week. Feels great to get such good news! I would like to thank Jessica and Christian for being such appreciative clients. They understand I provide a professional service that I take personally.
Thought I would send a reminder about what the BEST buyer agents such as myself do and how we can help you. First off, we care for our clients (we are not glorified deli order takers just looking up listings found in Zillow):

- Help get you pre-approved with the right mortgage officer and mortgage product
- Counsel you and help clarify what you really need and want
- Advise you on an offer and how to proceed to get the home you want
- Attend and negotiate any important home inspection items
- Monitor loose ends (contract docs, mortgage commitment, appraisal, resale docs)
- Be there alongside you counseling, advising & supporting you right to the closing.

Final thought… Make sure you hire an agent you will like enough to consider a friend when all is said and done. On the other side of the coin make sure you are a buyer that a real estate agent enjoys working with. A great relationship is a give and take!

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