Thursday, December 31, 2020

2021 Solutions

In less than 24 hours (HAPPY NEW YEAR!) many people think the world is going to change.  It will not, unless we do.  I am thinking, with some fun in mind, the only way the world is going to change is by bringing two very important things back to being popular…CARING and the GUITAR SOLO!  :-)

On Google the word CARING is defined as "displaying kindness and concern for others."  To me that means being thoughtful, considerate and patient with others.  For the world to be different we need to show love, accept differences without being annoyed or anxious, and care for others.  Everyone gets into situations every day that can go one way or the other.  There is that opportunity for us to use our ability to help others in need and even show understanding to others even if we don't necessarily agree with them.  It's ok.  We are all different and that is the way the Lord made us otherwise we would have a very boring world.  Let's give it a moment to listen to others, to show we are concerned for them, we are compassionate.  We can be kind.  We can help others to grow.  We can CARE.

Now here is the hard part I don't know that many people besides us "Gen X" people can understand, interpret or even grasp…the GUITAR SOLO! :-)  Growing up we heard it in pop, rap, country and of course rock.  We waited for it in the song.  We wanted to see Eddie Van Halen come jumping out, or Run DMC with Aerosmith on the stage walking together.  The point is that it was a feeling of freedom, of release.  Letting it all go for those few seconds to enjoy, to unite and to look up to the sky. Guitar solos bring us to a new level of emotion that you cannot put into words.  Here is one that I love, check it out at the 3:00 minute mark on Stryper's song "Do Unto Others."

CARING and the GUITAR SOLO!  :-)  We got this in 2021!  Wishing you a year filled with health, joy and wealth!  May God bless you, may you accept His blessings and let's toast to a successful future!  Ultimately it is up to you…"Do Unto Others."  Turn it up loud and rock on!

“Do Unto Others”

We all have questions
Many concerns 
Simple frustrations 
Respect is what we yearn

We are offended
Easily on cue
Often unfriended
Without a single clue

If we could step back
To see what matters
We would call off the attack
Break the hate
And watch it shatter

Do Unto Others as you would
Have them do unto you
Often it's a thought misunderstood
But one we must pursue 

This life is too short
To waste a day
And worry about 
The games we often play

Look to the future
It’s shining bright
It’s really not hard 
To choose what we know is right

It’s simple choices
We make alone
If we would think of each other
Maybe we would heal
Not suffer

Do Unto Others as you would
Have them do unto you
Often it's a thought misunderstood
But one we must pursue 

Artist:  Stryper
Album:  Even the Devil Believes
Licensed to YouTube by:  The Orchard Music (on behalf of Frontiers Records s.r.l.); Songtrust, LatinAutorPerf, LatinAutor, UMPI, and 5 Music Rights Societies

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